I would like to share my inspiration and teacher for grounding and healing…  “my” tree.

This beautiful being and many other precious aspects of  nature will be shared to illustrate concepts where appropriate.  Most of these photos are blessings from friend and teacher Alan Murakami.  Namaste Alan.

On this page you will find excerpts from two self published compilations, “Inspirational Guidance” and “Wisdom for the Journey”.   This form of writing usually begins with a theme and then moves directly into a lesson on a “light” perspective with very little preamble.  We are constantly offered support and insight from our angels, as I share mine, perhaps some of your own will take flight.

Memories are impressions…

Memories are impressions from energies, presented for learning and growing.  These impressions are not for the present.  Try not to clutter the originality, beauty, and magic of the moment with impressions of energetic confluence from another time in space.

-“Inspirational Guidance”


Clarity will arrive in the moment.  Clarity does not reside in past reconstruction or future fantasy.  Clarity is in the present, the inhale-exhale, the present beat of the pulse, not the one five seconds before.  Thank the previous breath and pulse for sustaining the body.  Thank the principle of light so that clarity in the moment is possible.  Discernment exists in the moment where a snapshot of vibration can be experienced.  Old snapshots have passed on to be transmuted into new life, new energy.

The being who marks their path leaves clues for others to follow, not to return and revive that which no longer vibrates in present time, (thus the importance of letting go and moving on).  Sign posts along the way facilitate the merging of God consciousness in all dimensions; (i.e. symbols which a word or name could never hope to touch).

The auric field is filled with symbolic messages, not limited to a space-time continuum.  These symbols are markers that guide a soul’s journey.  These symbols, larger than words, are clues to the path of the being and subsequently the worlds greatest healing.

“Wisdom for the Journey”

“Waves and Lifecycles”

There is never only an ending.   There are always equal aspects of new beginnings.  If you focus only on the atrophy, this will be your experience.


If you focus on new insights for new beginnings, you will find peace in the natural progression of cycles…ultimately residing in a state of honor for the whole journey, not just the sadness of journey’s end.

When life cycles move through their transitions, sometimes the outer and inner flow are very defined and distinct. The waves of diminishing and of building carry very different energies.

It serves a compassionate purpose to remain consciously connected to the diminishing wave, honoring its life cycle with all of the gifts that were brought into your awareness, giving thanks for supporting the flow of your life.

This energy is loving and supportive, intending only to assist you in flowing forward on your journey.  It is compassionate to open the heart while transitioning from one wave to the next, so the heart energy may continue its own flow with the current of life.

It is true wisdom over time to accept,  in the heart and mind, the beautiful rhythm of the cycles of life and love.

Releasing attachments to the past does not diminish the memory as to import, and does not negate the love experienced. Releasing attachments honors the life of the wave with all of its gifts and experiences.  It honors the love that was shared in all of its beauty and glory.

You grace your life with your present heart when you allow the waves to rise and fall, as they are divinely orchestrated in the sea of your life’s symphony,.

Live with grace and compassion through the waves of your life.  Allow the potentiated opposites to support your momentum.  All waves are intact in and of themselves.  There is nothing to grip or to contain because the essence of the wave experience exists as light in your cellular matrix

Be the Divine nature in your own life and focus on balance, in the moment, as you rise and fall with the crescendo of your own soul’s song.

“Wisdom for the Journey”