Friends and Teachers

Hilary Nixon – One of my great joys in life revolves around guiding clients through a combination of therapeutic methods to help address their individual physical issues and concerns. I prefer to work in a rehabilitative capacity with injuries and special needs relating to the physical body.

STOTT PILATES and Vinyasakrama Hatha Yoga (a classical hatha yoga system presented by Srivatsa Ramaswami) are a central part of my teaching practice, and have been for 18 and 20 years respectively. To complement this focus on methods which support the proper bio-mechanical function of the body, I incorporate Myokinesthetics. This therapeutic system is designed to reset the body, bring the nervous system into balance, and address the underlying cause of postural imbalance.

All of these therapeutic techniques work well together to enhance communication between the central nervous system and the rest of the body. This encourages health, postural balance, and a sense of well being.

I am also trained in the field of energy work. My study in energy work began with Reiki in 1989. I received my Reiki Master Practitioners Certification in 2002.  Following that certification, I studied Angelic Healing with Leia Stinnett and received an Angelic Healing Certificate in 2003. My process includes, hand selected crystals, semi precious stones, various pitched tuning forks, and crystal singing bowls. This complements the full spectrum of support, for the physical body, by allowing the more subtle aspects of healing to be introduced.

I also have two self-published works: “Inspirational Guidance” and “Wisdom for the Journey”. These are works from guided inspiration, a form of channeling from my spiritual guides. I began channeling in 1998 after a series of personally extraordinary events. This communication began with the artistic use of oil pastels for expressing the guided inspirations. The visual expression then progressed to writing down the lovingly guided inspiration and individually unique expression of this communication. There is no certification associated with this skill set, only a need to stay grounded and clear in my intent when connecting with my guides.

The culmination of years of practice has led me to design retreats which blend with the revitalizing energy of nature.  The natural forces alive in the mountains of Colorado and red rocks of Sedona facilitate healing from, and with the earth.   It is here, that I have been leading workshops for rejuvenation and realignment physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Cherry Damianoff – Is grace in motion.

Alan Murakami –  Our exceptional photographer/life enthusiast.  Alan’s adventure photos make this website special.  He is an aspiring, dedicated husband (after 36 years) and super dad.   He is a such a dear friend and I am blessed to know him.

Amanda Fletcher Rice –  Founder of Conscious Education, LLC is a  STOTT PILATES® Lead Instructor Trainer.  Amanda facilitates private and small group sessions to strengthen the mind and body.  She currently specializes in Athletic Conditioning, Golf & Tennis Conditioning, Pre & Post Natal, Injury Prevention and Recovery, Osteoporosis, Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Instructor Training.   Amanda is a dear friend and co-facilitator for our mind/body retreats.

Leia Stinnett –  has been inspired to write several books that promote spiritual awareness in children and their families. The Little Angel books offer stories, lessons, meditations, and exercises for growth and education that the whole family will enjoy. The messages are universal and the intent is best summed up in Michael’s words to Leia, “Together we shall save the children.”

Jaap Van Etten, PhD – Author, guide, teacher, Biologist, and Metaphysical Ecologist.  Jaap is a gift to the planet.  He is kind, compassionate, and very wise.  He shares his unique gifts and knowledge with those seeking a deeper, heart connection to the subtle energies of Mother Earth.