Let’s talk about Love

Let’s talk about Love. The influence in this writing is from Gerald Jampolsky’s “Love Is Letting Go Of Fear”. The first exercise is, in purely biblical terms, “to give is to receive”.

A simple phrase, but difficult to remember daily. Truth is there in the words. These five simple words, “to give is to receive” releases fear and opens the heart. Fear is allowing the heart to freeze; when frozen in fear the heart can’t be accessed.

By allowing the heart to be as it is, open and receptive and giving – the simple phrase “to give is to receive” can be experienced. The essence of “to give is to receive” goes beyond analytical thinking.

The rational mind wants to break this down and find fault in the practice of giving and receiving. The mind looks for a linear flow on our timeline for a specific outcome, a “me” outcome.

The heart has a great capacity to give; the mind wants to regulate the giving with expectations of getting something in return. That is not the meaning of “to give is to receive”.

The beauty in this practice is that you are giving to yourself when you give to others. Not in the way we usually think of giving or receiving, but in a way that opens your soul to the beauty of this life we are sharing with all creation.